Course Description:

This is a course for an  absolute beginner interested in exploring to start a perfume business from home and owning a perfume brand. What you'll learn

1.Students will discover the history of perfumery and how the most profitable beauty product came to being and will also learn about the different types of perfumes and how to blend them perfectly, so that you can use them for your own benefit or to sell to make extra income, with a basic guide to mixing inspired and natural perfumes.

2.Student will study the basics of perfumery and introduction to perfume techniques and the language of scent expertise in the technique of perfumery

3.Students will study the greatest classics of modern perfumery

4.Discovering the pioneers of confidential perfumery

5.Analysis of the codes of High Perfumery

6.Student will be able to bring a scented dimension to work from the idea to the product

.Student will study the local perfume market, Study of foreign bestsellers for each market, trends and new fragrance launches of Namibia. 

8.Pricing,Product Marketing Campaign and Advertising. 

At Sage By Dee Entrepreneurs Academy and our fine fragrance collections, we empower people to explore, experience and experiment with fragrances.We are lifting the veil in Perfumery on an art form which is often shrouded in secrecy, we aim to inspire individuals to become more creative and confident with scent. We believe everyone should experience designing their own personal perfume.

We believe everyone can be the designer of their own personalised perfume.We want to make the world of perfume more accessible, so we teach, train and share everything we know! Students will make their perfumes with sustainability in mind and With this training will minimize the lack of opportunity and growth to easily access and accomplish own perfume brands. A wide variety of training modules available are based on 5 axes of learning in order to best meet your needs.

Our strengths

A team of experienced trainers.

Classroom located in the heart Of Kuisebmond,Walvis Bay. 

All courses can be adapted to meet your needs.

All modules will be taught in English. 


Must be16 years+ Must have a passion and desire to learn Perfumery from the ground up. 

This course is recommended for those who desire to launch own perfume brands or those who wish to broaden their creative educational horizons.

The syllabus is condensed into 3 months.

Late Registration: 30 September 2023 
Course Start Date: 23 October 2023
Total Course Hours: 96hrs

Registration and Connection Fee: N$ 980-00 

Monthly fee: N$1650-00 

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded by the Entrepreneurs Academy. 

Discounted access to launch own perfume business brand and Website setup upon satisfactory finishing of the syllabus.

Free 3 Months mentorship Subscription