Clothing, Fashion Design

Course Description 

Art Fashion Design is the application of art, creativity and aesthetics to clothing and other lifestyle accessories. Textile and Apparel Design, commonly referred to as Fashion Design, relates the physical properties of textiles to our human need for functional and fashionable clothing and home accessories.

This option combines the art of design and the perspective of history in a rich, challenging learning environment that prepares you for dynamic business opportunities and careers at the creative forefront of the textile industry. It is a global business and one of the largest employers of the world’s workforce. This exciting, lucrative and growing market sector has many rich employment and business opportunities for fashion students, sourcing all linked Retail and On-line Operations.

By choosing to study Clothing, Fashion Design and Tailoring at Sage By Dee Entrepreneurs Academy, designers must possess an acute visual sensibility informed by the leading aesthetic, social and technical forces of our time. In this Department of clothing, Fashion design and tailoring will be incorporated with merchandising, and you will be offered a challenging and concentrated foundation in:

1.drawing and design fundamentals
3.Pattern making
5.fabric analysis.

Our clothing, fashion design and tailoring coursework is complemented by supporting courses in product development, merchandising, textile science, and in the historical, cultural and psychological aspects of textiles and dress.

This inclusive preparation provides you with background necessary to enter a diverse array of entrepreneurial and careers in textile and apparel-related business, in design, product development, promotion, pattern making, and freelance studio work related to the textile and apparel professions. It is initially a gate way and a pleasant opportunity to launch your own clothing line. This field also focuses on the management of fashion items and the trade that consists of this type of products and involves an in-depth understanding of the different steps of creation, production and marketing of items. This course encompasses a series of sub-disciplines, such as women and men clothing designs, jewelry design and production, all covering the whole production and supply chain of this industry.

We aim at teaching students how to design their ideas and transform them into products that satisfy all potential requirements and sustainable business development. This field will encourage and enable students to draw upon the creative and artistic problem-solving solutions in structures and materials of clothing. Students will also pursue an analytic and critic approach to trends and events, develop creativity and talent as well as practical ability and technical understanding.

This very comprehensive and innovative course will give you a professional insight to all the different business opportunities that exist within the fashion industry. You will have the opportunity to learn not only the theoretical and practical skills required of a fashion design role, but also essential personal skills such as self-confidence, presentation, organization, the ability to work with others and an opportunity to discover and express your own creative identity.
The Clothing, Fashion Design and Tailoring training offered at Sage by Dee Entrepreneurs Academy is designed to accomplish high academic standards in an exciting exploration of the latest techniques and processes of the Fashion Industry. Aim is to influentially establish you to own your own labels. Sage By Dee Entrepreneurs Academy has been designed as an inspirational place to think, create and learn, equipped with the needed facilities expected of a modern education center.

Our academic staff are highly experienced and have all worked in this demanding industry for years. We teach and encourage design creativity, originality and imagination combined with commercial business sense across most areas of Fashion. Ranging from street wear, sportswear, contemporary fashion, evening wear. We cover “A to Z” of this fantastic industry and we will guide each individual student through the different stages of structured formal education and creating a successful business. Clothing, Fashion Design and Tailoring is big business.

Being a Clothing, Fashion Designer is a great business with many opportunities to either create and stand out with your own brands and collections or to gain employment in one of the numerous fashion houses. Our tailoring course is ideal to get you started. We can teach you all the basics including an understanding of your sewing machine, accurate stitching and basic problem solving (or avoiding!).

Late Registration: 30 September 2023
Course Start Date: 26 October 2023

Duration: 3 Months   Total Course Hours: 144hrs 

Registration and Connection Fee: N$ 980-00
Monthly fee: N$1950-00

Course Completion Benefits:
1 x Sewing Machine and a Fashion dictionary.
Free 3 Months mentorship
Discounted Subscription membership for 6 months. 

Ms. Sophia Nendongo- Fashion Designer

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My name is Sophia Nendongo 33 years of age, born and raised in Walvis Bay Namibia. At an early age I started designing paper dresses and cutting them out and dressing paper dolls. It all ended up as my passion to do designing.

When I completed high school, I went to college of the Arts. I did a 3 year diploma course in fashion design 2008, awarded as best student for the year. In 2010 I represented Namibia as one of the young designer at the world Expo Shanghai China and received recognition for 3 outfits during same year. In 2014 I had my first solo fashion show and 2015 I dressed 2 finalists for Miss Namibia.

ln 2019 I took part in the  first Namibian Katutura fashion week which is one of the remarkable yearly event.

Ms. Ursula Kandu- Tailor

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I am Ms. Ursula Kandu, with over 30 years of experience, I appreciate sharing my skills, knowledge and experiences in the Tailoring industry with individuals who are passionate about this industry. I deliver the best of my capabilities when it comes to service delivery. I trained so far +-over a 100 individuals who have grown very well in this industry. 

I started my career in 1991 at Namib Clothing till 1994. In the early 90's I had the opportunity to create uniform for the South African Police force, including our Namibian Police force. 

Joined Damar Clothing in 1995 - 2000,and by 2001 till 2003 I work for Panduko Textile, of which I was scouted to go work for Ramatex during my late 2000's. From 2008-2017 I worked for the dynamic Eagles Upholstery.