Course Description


This course is designed to give you the best starting point to become a radio presenter on Sage By Dee Online Radio Station and any local community radio stations including to pace way for you to own your online radio station. We will give you the basic concepts on how to present and program a show, teach you how to use the studio equipment and give you the fundamental skills for editing and sound recording. This course is only the starting point, the learning happens when you start doing. We will give you the knowledge you need to start your learning experience and to critique your own practice as you become a community radio presenter, podcast content creator or YouTube channel host.

We will also give you important information you will need to know to broadcast lawfully, ethically and within

the spirit of community radio. We also hope to inspire you to care about Sage FM Online Radio Station as much as we do and to get involved with the station.

Let your voice be heard as we train you how to create your own podcast content, YouTube channels and to start your own online radio station.


Learning Outcome

"By the completion of this course you will have the basic skills, knowledge and attitude to become a member

of Sage FM Online Radio Station and use its studios to present an overnight live-to-air radio program within the guidelines of operations manual.



You will be required to do ‘assessments’. These are a project, and a multiple choice quiz

that demonstrate that you have the skills, knowledge and attitude required to go on air competently.


The Desk Test

This is a mini program – 15-20 minutes as though you are broadcasting live on air. It will include; your own selection of music, you presenting, a short interview and use of the studio equipment.

The idea is to show us what music you will play on the radio station, your presenting skill and style, and that you can use the equipment well enough to go on air.


The concept test

There will be a multiple-choice quiz at the end of the course.

The quiz will help reinforce what you’ve learned

with a few questions from each week. This test will be marked, but it is most importantly a self-test for you to check your knowledge.


Presenter Development

All radio and TV presenters have to start somewhere, and it’s right where you are now. After completing the radio and TV Presenter Training Course, and preparing your desk test, you will be able to present on one of Sage FM Online Radio Stations daytime or overnight music programs. From there, you may be able to move onto the roster for a specialist music or talks program, some presenters will later make it all the way to a peak-time program. Sage FM Online Radio Station also has an annual Programming Review where we invite new program applications from both current members and the public, so you may even have the opportunity to start your own brand new program which is basically the main aim.


Late Registration: 30 September 2023

Course Start Date: 26 October 2023

Duration: 3 Months   

Total Course Hours: 96hrs

Cost:  Registration and Connection Fee: N$ 980-00

Monthly fee: N$1680-00


Fluency in English

Fluency in any local language is a plus.

18 years and older.


Course Completion Benefits:


1 x Podcasting Microphone kit

Free 3 Months mentorship

Discounted Subscription membership for 6 months

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Ms Jeanette Jewey Jossop - Radio Instructor

Trained Project Facilitator since 2019 till date at Milli-Media and Information Literacy Organization Representing the organization professionally and uphold their mission. Media Literacy is the ability to access media, analyze and create content as well as reflect and act with media principles. Completed my Radio and TV Presenter Training at This TV and Base FM in February 2020 - July 2020. Am known as Jean-Jossy a highly motivated and hardworking lady that strives to complete every task assigned to me to the best of my ability. One of my greatest characteristics is my ability to work under pressure and working as a group. I further have great communication skills and can complete all tasks assigned to me without being supervised. Am a aspiring radio personality.