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Description Level 3 Art MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS

If you are a beginner then this course is perfect for you. You all know you have to practice to become better at playing a Saxophone, Guitar, Violin and Piano. Playing instruments is an important part of music-making. This section is full of resources for the most common woodwind, brass, percussion and stringed instruments. These instrument courses enhance and extend learning and can be used as part of the music curriculum, for instrumental lessons or as enrichment Activities. It’s optional to choose to go solo as a saxophonist, guitarist or violinist. Courses like this are the key to music education. Your instructors has been at the forefront of this field since the early days, and in their current role with as instrumentalists, they are one of the most recognized  and respected music educators in Africa. Music is a language, and music theory is its vocabulary and its grammar. Whether your goal is to compose new music, to transcribe or arrange music by others, to prepare for music school, to become a better reader or improviser, or just to work on your overall musicianship skills, learning the language of music is the key. With leading aim to become a successful instrumentalists.

This course covers the fundamentals of music literacy - pitch, meter, rhythm, scales, intervals, chords, etc. These are the core concepts that provide the foundation for any deeper understanding of music. Completion of this course will prepare you for more advanced courses and give you the knowledge and confidence you need for further musical growth. While there are many resources for learning music theory, this courses are unique in a few significant ways. Complete DJ MIXING Course This course is The most comprehensive & best value DJ course for those wanting to go pro. Introduction This course won’t just teach you to DJ. This course will teach you the skills to become a successful DJ, in a competitive industry and will be of assistance for you to create your own residual income. Taken from a beginner level, this course will give you a solid grounding in DJing, and access to practice 4 days a week during your training.

 From the start date of your course, you’ll benefit from a full 3 months of access to all our DJ practice suites. In this fast moving sector, our equipment and curriculums will be constantly reviewed so that you are kept at the cutting edge of both technical developments and artistic trends in the industry. Beyond your training you’ll also have access to gig opportunities that come through Sage events.

Late  Registration Close: 30th September   2023
Course Start Date: 26 October 2023
Duration: 3 Months   

Total Course Hours: 192hrs 

Registration Fee: N$ 980-00  

Monthly fee: N$1950-00 

Course Completion Benefits: Certificate 1 x Instrument of choice (Saxophone, Guitar or Violin) or prime DJ mixer

Free 3 Months mentorship Discounted Subscription membership for 6 months. 

Osborne Matengenzara

Musical Instruments Instructor

I am hard working, passionate and a innovative creative thinker. Work experiences are:

SAXOPHONIST, PUBLIC RELATIONS and VOCALIST since December 2012 till present moment. ARTIST PLAYED FOR / RECORDED With are the likes of our legendary late Oliver Mtukudzi-2012. 2.Chiwoneso Maraire-2012 3.Dudu Manhenga 201-2014 4.Hope Masike 2014-2015 5.Steve Dyer - 2015 

At Umoja CFC I was a Host, Saxophonist, part of Marimba and Mbira in January 2010 till December 2012.

Performed at Harare International Festival as part of the opening night house band in 2008 and 2015.

PERFORMANCES: PE Jazz Band 2007-2010 Hope Masike - 2012 Prudence Katomeni- 2013 Umoja - 2011

My INTERNATIONAL TOURS: Kenya- Jam Signal 2013 Mozambique - Umoja 2012 Namibia - Tina 2014 South Africa - Jam Signal 2017

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-01 at 10.10.45 PM

DJ Hou Vas is a previously disadvantage Namibian boy that is skilled, creative and enthusiastic Disc Jockey with more than ten years of experience. Coming from the Oasis of Opportunities (Walvis Bay), his expertise is mainly in djaying at various events in and around the country. When not performing, he spends his time in the studio creating his own music. A very active member of his local community, DJ Hou Vas is no stranger to the ups-and-downs of a small-town music scene. 

Though he loves playing in nightclubs, patios and special events, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes. As a promoter, he has found plenty of ways to express himself musically. He is also dedicated to helping himself and others become better DJs through passion and purpose. This talented DJ is always open for challenges as well as opportunities to share his love for entertainment with his community.

Core Competencies

1.Possess in-depth knowledge of developing community involvement programs
2.Skills to adapt to several radio program formats.
3.In-depth knowledge of technical aspects of sound production
4.Self -managing, self-motivated, positive, enthusiastic with can -do attitude.
 5.Knowledge of basic operating systems
6.Diverse knowledge of musical genre for different age groups
7.Competent with audio equipment, hook-up and set up.
8.Strong interpersonal, communication and listening skills
9.In-depth knowledge of audience taste 10.Available 24-hour service

Professional Experiences
Performed at Annual Swakopmund Summer House for the past 2 years:
Opening act for various musicians such as Gazza, The Dogg, Tate Buti, PDK, Casper Nyovest (SA) and Biblos CSA):Year-end functions for the following companies:Namport (3 years), Novanam (4 years), Municipality of Walvis Bay, Medi Clinic Walvis bay, Erongo Red. :Performed at weddings and social events across the country. :Handled the tasks of selecting and playing latest sound recordings :
Applied several methods and techniques like audio mixing, equalization and cueing three or more sounds in manipulating prerecorded music: Responsible for applying slip-cueing, cutting, phrasing, scratching, back spinning and phase shifting to perform the transition in a creative manner: Responsible for entertaining and playing music on audience request.